Présentations, exposés :

Holomorphic vector fields, Marseille, 01-2006

Thurston's Theorem for parabolic maps, Toronto, 03-2006

Surgeries for rational dynamics, Warwick, 06-2007

Surgeries and obstructions, Ascona, 02-2008

KSS nest and Branner-Hubbard conjecture, Oberwolfach, 10-2008

Newton Methods, Villetaneuse, 04-2009

Newton Methods, nouveaux-recrutés-Angers, 09-2009

Harmonic maps, Seillac, 05-2010

Harmonic maps, Rennes, 06-2010

Folding surgeries for rational maps, Roskilde, 09-2010

Harmonic maps, Roskilde, 09-2010

Harmonic maps, Colloquium Goettingen, 04-2011

Harmonic maps, Strasbourg, 05-2011

Rational maps with prescribed critical values, Brown ICERM workshop, 04-2012

Rational maps with prescribed critical values, Orsay, 06-2012

Thurston's theorem, Selfsimilar group workshop, Orleans, 06-2012

Entropy, Holbaek workshop, 09-2012

Lamination, Angers, 10-2012

Entropy, Orleans, 03-2013

Combinatorics of polynomials, Shanghai, 04-2013

Combinatorics of polynomials, Nanjing, 04-2013

Dessins d'enfants, Beijing, 04-2013

Entropy and kneading theory, Barcelona, 06-2013

Breaking parabolic points, Pisa, 10-2013

Entropy, Toulouse, 01-2014

Polynomial Hurwicz numbers, work of Lando-Zvonkin from the view point of Buff-Epstein-Koch, Angers, 03-2014

Milnor-Thurston Kneading theory, ANR Marne-La-Vallee, 04-2014

Entropy, talk at the conference: What's Next, The mathematical legacy of Bill Thurston, Cornell, 06-2014

Rays landing at Misiurewicz and parabolic parameters, Holbaek workshop, 09-2014

Extremal length and distortion, Liverpool, 11-2014

Cours doctoral, Mai 2012

Cours doctoral, 2013