Hélène Maynadier-Gervais

Université d'Angers

Département de Mathématiques
2 boulevard Lavoisier
49045 Angers cedex 01

Tel: 02 41 73 50 37 - Fax: 02 41 73 54 54

E-mail: helene, followed by a dot, followed by maynadier-gervais, followed by @, and by univ-angers.fr

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Present Position

Maître de conférences
(since February 2006)

Main Research Interests

D-Modules & Singularities, Bernstein-Sato polynomial

Ph. D. Thesis

Date Received: 28 May 1996

Supervisor: Prof. Joël Briançon.

English Title: Functional equations for a weighted homogeneous isolated complete intersection singularity and a semi quasi homogeneous germ.

Members of the Jury: Prof. J. Briançon (Nice, France), M. Giusti [referee] (Ecole Polytechnique, France), M. Granger [referee] (Angers, France), Ph. Maisonobe (Nice, France), M. Merle [chairman of the Jury] (Nice, France), V. Navarro Aznar (Barcelona, Spain).



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