Pr. Vladimir Rubtsov

Address : Maths Department, University of Angers
Building I
Lavoisier Boulevard
Angers, 49045, CEDEX 01, France
Room Number: I115
Telephone: +33 (0)2 41 73 50 27

I am a Professor in the maths department at University of Angers at Belle-Beille
(and also a "one-tenth Senior Researcher" at the Mathematical Physics Laboratory , Theory Division of ITEP at Moscow.
My CV (end of 2011)CV

Some of my research interests include

I am the responsible of the l'ANR DIADEMS (Developing an Integrable Approach to Dynamical and Elliptic ModelS).

I am a member of the l'GDR GDR 2875 du CNRS "Topologie Algébrique et Applications"

Some events scientifiques which I am co-organising or participate (2013-2014):